Self-review Overview

School self-review is about engaging the whole school community in a 5-step process to:

  • Enhance the social and emotional climate of the school (W@S); or
  • Explore the extent to which school practices are inclusive of all students (Inclusive Practices Tools)

These review steps on the W@S website are developed from action research and health promotion processes.

The two toolkits are intended to be used as a part of a school self-review.

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These pages are general information which applies to both toolkits. If you're not sure which toolkit you should be using, try this page

Getting started on Step 1: Planning and Preparation

Step 1 is about getting started with the self-review process. During Step 1, schools put in place the foundations needed for change.

Read About W@S tools/About Inclusive Practices Tools

Register to use the tools. Make sure you read and agree to the terms of use for the data.

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Getting started on Step 2: Collecting Data

Step 2 is about collecting data to assess needs. During Step 2, schools use the W@S/Inclusive Practices survey tools and other information to build a picture of students’, staffs’, and other stakeholders’ views about school practice.

Consult widely about ideas for change.

Administer your school surveys and view your reports from the Survey admin area

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Getting started on Step 3: Next Step Planning

Step 3 is about developing a plan for change. During Step 3, schools interpret their reports (W@S or Inclusive Practices), use the action planning template and Next step planning modules/links below to develop an action plan.

Getting started on Step 4: Taking Action

Step 4 is about implementing the action plan. During step 4, schools allocate resources, start to make changes, offer professional learning, and monitor actions.

Getting started on Step 5: Reviewing and Next Steps

Step 5 is about reviewing and reflecting on progress. During Step 5, schools re-use the W@S/Inclusive Practices survey tools to collect data to review actions. We suggest that a formal review of progress happens annually, and a major review after 3-5 years.

View, interpret and compare the data to previous reports

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